To park run or not to park run…

Do it!!

So, if you are here wondering if to attend the park run or not then look no further. I insist you should and I really do hope you won’t regret it.

I think the whole concept is great and covers so many basis: 

  • The serious runners
  • Those who don’t care about time and simply just want to complete it
  • Kids, grand parents
  • The social, who chat the whole way around 
  • Etc

Me? I use it as a weekly benchmark, an opportunity to push myself a little more. What this then has allowed me to do is to think about quality running during the week and be less conscious of overall time.

The park run website has all the info you need so I won’t repeat what you need etc.

Just get out there and enjoy it.  My only gripe if I had to. Is that I wish some races were on Sunday as my kids weekend activities often conflict on Saturdays. 


 Calories in vs calories out…

There always seems to be someone that no matter how healthy or what diet they are on never seems to lose weight. Why?
I’m not pretending to have all the answers but at the highest level, you need to burn more calories than you eat to lose weight.  

When I first set out to lose weight I got myself a fit bit to track my steps and activities. I set myself a goal of not consuming more than 2000 calories and I used my fitbit to record my calorie intake. 

I was not overly strict, I used a element of freestyle when capturing them as I didn’t want it to overtake my life but what I did learn was that my portion sizes were way too big and that I really didn’t need to be consuming as much as I was during the day.

I learned how to snack healthy and how to be wise with my food choices.  I tried to work with a 80-20 rule where 80% of the time I was well behaved and the other 20% I enjoyed a takeaway or alcohol.

Once I started keeping a loose eye on my calories and exercising well I soon noticed my weight drop off and the skills I’ve learned I still use now for when I notice if my weight gradually rises, I know what foods are wholesome and tasty but allows my weight to reduce. 

This post was mainly to re-establish the point to anyone that may be looking into another diet or overlooking the obvious. If you want more detail or a high level outline of my food diary at the time, then drop me a note and I’ll be glad to extend this post with more detail…

It’s all in the watch…

I should probably start this blog by saying I’m a watch fanatic and it doesn’t take much for me to see how much a watch can improve my life. Well, that’s another way of saying I can easily talk myself in to buying another….

So, I have just purchased the Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire and so far I’m loving it. I’m somewhat of a geek when it comes to having a fancy map and stats when reflecting on my excercise.

I write this whilst on a peaceful camping trip in Dorset.   I’m staying close enough to a market town so I can use that distance as my running route and for me it’s awesome as it’s fresh air, beautiful scenery and yesterday I had to pause my run for cows on the road going between fields.  For someone who lives closer to the city this kind of run is a brilliant change.

Better still whilst walking around town my daughter asked to do a boat ride on the river. Whilst getting the boat ready I remembered the watch can track a wide range of sports, so I turned on the rowing feature and tracked it. It was only when looking at the results of this boat trip when I fully appreciated how great the GPS mapping is. It absolutely tracked how my boat weaved all over the river. I previously thought the mapping was not so precise. How wrong was I…

Well today I’m off to somewhere which is super beautiful and has really nice walks around a great big lake. The kids get to have fun spotting fairies and squirrels for an activity sheet and I get to use the hike feature.  Woohoo, everyone’s a winner….

Anyway I’m now off to start the day. I’m sure there will be more to follow on this watch…

Change to lifestyle…

So there wasn’t just one thing that made me change my stance on healthy, active living and due to time constraints on how much time I get to write this blog I’ll simply set the scene on why I changed and I’ll post later on some high level steps I took. They are all very obvious but sometimes it’s easy to forget simple actions to take when there is so much advice on the interwebs.
See the problem was that I genuinely didn’t feel unfit or noticed I had a bit too much holiday weight.
The first realisation came when running for a train about to depart and whilst running up the stairs my surroundings went into slow motion and my vision went blurry. Having caught the train I had two thoughts. 1) oh dear when will I get back my breath

2) I can make that story sound less lame and my wife will be amazed at my athleticism đŸ˜‰
The second realisation came when I thought it was time to own bathroom scales.  After picking some up I was surprised to see I was pushing the chubba scale…
Now this is when I thought enough was enough and I better get into an active lifestyle. 
To be honest now I’m eating more healthily and exercising consistently it’s become second nature.
Be good to know what stage you are at, whether your starting to consider a more active lifestyle or you’ve been smashing it for years. Either way it would be good to know. Let me know your level and what posts you would like to see and I’ll endeavor to assist.


Right, another blog.  Is this just another random individual putting into words their passions or how “like, utterly awesome being them is.” (Assuming this is how the kids of today would converse)…

Anyway… I’m a father of two who is mainly here writing for a release. Like many other people juggling full time employment and family, its leaving me feeling somewhat burnt out and I’ve been looking for releases to attempt to get that work life balance back on track.

If you are here reading this and you are not my wife then. “Shut the front door”, what I have a reader. Thank you …