Change to lifestyle…

So there wasn’t just one thing that made me change my stance on healthy, active living and due to time constraints on how much time I get to write this blog I’ll simply set the scene on why I changed and I’ll post later on some high level steps I took. They are all very obvious but sometimes it’s easy to forget simple actions to take when there is so much advice on the interwebs.
See the problem was that I genuinely didn’t feel unfit or noticed I had a bit too much holiday weight.
The first realisation came when running for a train about to depart and whilst running up the stairs my surroundings went into slow motion and my vision went blurry. Having caught the train I had two thoughts. 1) oh dear when will I get back my breath

2) I can make that story sound less lame and my wife will be amazed at my athleticism đŸ˜‰
The second realisation came when I thought it was time to own bathroom scales.  After picking some up I was surprised to see I was pushing the chubba scale…
Now this is when I thought enough was enough and I better get into an active lifestyle. 
To be honest now I’m eating more healthily and exercising consistently it’s become second nature.
Be good to know what stage you are at, whether your starting to consider a more active lifestyle or you’ve been smashing it for years. Either way it would be good to know. Let me know your level and what posts you would like to see and I’ll endeavor to assist.


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